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Utopia Lost Battle, The

This is the name of the battle between Linkera and Chaos that took place in the Terra Cities of Anyin and Yangde.

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Terra Cities

In reference to the cities of Anyin and Yangde.

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Born: ???

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’7

Weight: 160 pounds

Linkera was a man created by the Terra Warriors to battle their enemy, Chaos. He has the brute force of a demon, and the focus of an angel, but his body was all human.

After avoiding his purpose in life for a while, he fulfilled his destiny by fighting his adversary. He was unable to destroy him, but he did incur memory loss on Chaos.

This brought him time and he used it to find a way to destroy his nemesis.

He used this time to create the Linkatsa Religion, the Linkatsu Arts, and founded the Linians.

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Born: ???

Hair: White

Eyes: Black

Height: 5’7

Weight: 160 pounds

The name of a being who traveled the Earth during the days of Pangaea and decided to drive all of Mankind insane. He promised to destroy the whole of existence if he(it?) couldn’t achieve this goal because he believed that unity was not mankind’s natural state.

Enemy to both “The Creator” and “The Destroyer”, he rebelled against their battle for the spirit and considered them to be his children for they were causing chaos as well. Angels and demon alike feared him. The Terra Warriors, in particular, created a being to take on Chaos called Linkera.

Linkera and Chaos eventually faced off in The Utopia Lost Battle and Chaos lost his memory and wandered the rest of existence trying to remember who he was.

 Khaino Chaos

Before Magnus.

After Magnus.

After Magnus.

“Chaos can be considered to be the main antagonist of  The Destiny Saga.”- The Boy

   “Chaos can be considered to be a huge jackass.”- The Lost Child

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