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The name of the hip hop/rock fusion band founded by Carmen Morales.


From L to R: Carmen Morales II, "Sanji Adani, Kiya Raziya, Garia Meyrick, Tia Dalila, & Koneko "Connie" Khurana

From L to R: Carmen Morales II, “Sanji Adani, Kiya Raziya, Garia Meyrick, Tia Dalila, & Koneko “Connie” Khurana


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Carmen Morales II

Born: May 1st, 1996 Hair: Brown Eyes: Dark Brown Height: 5’5 Weight: 110 pounds

“I’ll scratch the hell outta guitar.”

Born January 1st, 1997

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Height: 5’7

Weight: 160 pounds

Carmen Morales (the second) is daughter to Lt. Carlos “Rain” Morales and is granddaughter to Carmen Calderon-Morales and Luis Morales.

She goes to school at Piersdale High and is front-woman and rhythm guitar player for a hip hop/rock fusion band called “RainStorm” named after her father’s nickname.

A woman with a destiny that plays into the endgame of “The Destiny Saga”.

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Carmen Calderon-Morales

Dont take taht risk if it doesnt help others."

Don’t take that risk if it doesn’t help others.”

Mother to Carlos Morales and Wife to Luis Morales.

Carmen is a Linian and a member of the American Branch of Last Line. She was one of their finest soldiers, along her husband,  in the Vietnam War era.

She hails from Puerto Rico and is a lover of all things music.

Her defining traits is her laser focus and her sharp wit.

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Luis Morales

"Imagine not being a total jackass."

“Imagine not being a total jackass.”

Husband to Carmen Calderon-Morales. Father to Carlos Morales.

Luis, along withhis wife, Carmen, were members of the Linkatsa Religion. They were members of the secret military force Last Line during the Vietnam War era.

Luis is characterized by his quiet demeanor towards everyone except Carmen. Carmen brings out his silly side and his desire to be a good father.

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