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Baron Claw

Baron Claw (born Bren Claudius) is a respected soldier and the head of the Fegarian Army. Taking over the role of Commander of the Fegarian Army from Baron Prowl, a man who was murdered by the latest ruler of Fegra, Lord Cat Tiamano.

Baron Claw is best for his hunting prowess and his loyalty to Fegarian law. He is also known for having a “Slaver”, a creature that lives in his shadow. He got the Slaver by hunting and capturing it from the realm of Karussh.

He is also the leader of the Fegarian High Command, better known as The Baron Four.

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Baron Stealth

The half-Fegarian, half-Giradian elite soldier of the Fegarian Army is the personal bodyguard to the Lord of Fegra and a member of The Baron Four.

Baron Stealth’s real name is Raza Stellath, a name that is in tribute to both sides of his genetic origins. Being the only Fegarian/Giradian half breed in history, Stealth has to wear a mask with a breathing apparatus down his throat because his lungs are too weak to breathe on their own.

Baron Stealth is the only being in history to have the ability of co-adjoination.

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Baron Panthra Harlequin

Panthra Harlequin of the Secondary Realm of Fegra is one of The Baron Four, the commanders of The Fegarian Army. A man that is considered the most handsome man in all of the Secondary Realms, Panthra has a personality that is both humorous and egotistical.

He is married to Baroness Tigra, who is both a fellow member of The Baron Four and is the “Hero of Fegra” for her time served in the legendary group known as The Elite.

The husband and wife are also know as “The Sadistic Harlequins” for their twisted views on life and their connection to “The Grall”, a creature from the Secondary Realm of Karussh that was given to them as a wedding gift. The two of them share the energy of this tamed beast, an energy that gives the both of them augmented strength.

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House of Vainglory

A massive castle that resides in the Secondary Realm of Secrit Tresh.

Home to the Vainglory Royal Family, a clan that has ruled Secrit Tresh since its beginning.

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