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A citizen of Old France.

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Old France

Prince Torell Destine: A Royal of Old France

Resides in The Primary Realm.


There were many times, events, and eras missing from the documents of history due to “The Great Reboot”. One of those places that went missing from the annals of history was a civilization called Old France. This France is not any way related to the A.D. France in any way except for the location on the planet Earth. This culture was a part of the collective of continents at that time called Separtia.

The Beginnings

The civilization of Old France existed in the A.P. timeline of  The Destiny Saga. The country was ruled by a patriarchal monarchy. The people there were followers of the Linkatsa Religion and they acknowledged the existence of “God”.

The technology and the sophistication of the Francellans (as they were called as a people) were modest at best. They knew not of electricity, but they mastered forging metals. Therefore, their homes and castles were made up of a  heavy mixture of stone and steel. The citizens of Old France were a people who made intellectualism one of the finer qualities of their culture. The Francellans were humble and dressed to that way of thought.


The Royal Family of Old France has most of the same rituals and rites of the majority of royal empires noted in historical text. The kingdom of Old France had never experienced a corrupt leadership (as far as the commoners had known anyway).

One particular difference that the monarchy of Old France had from the other surrounding kingdoms was the way they made the prince a new king. From the start of birth until the age of eleven, the young prince is raised by the queen. After this time, from the age of eleven until eighteen, he is raised by the king’s Grand Advisor.

When the day comes when the prince turned eighteen, he participates in a ceremony in which the crown passes from his father to him and, from that day forward, Old France is his to serve.

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After the breakup of Pangaea due to the Utopia Lost Battle, the continents that followed in its wake were to be collectively called Separtia.

The continents were very similar to the ones we live in now and the cultures there were somewhat close to the ones we have now. But with the countries with names such as “Old France” and “Espania”, Separtia was clearly a different world from our B.C. and A.D. time lines today.


Rodinia/The Unaberg/North America


Pannotia/The Deuberg/South America







It exists in the A.P. era of The Destiny Saga timeline.

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“The Great Reboot”

Sometime after the fall of Pangaea and the rise of Separtia, the Primary Realm went through a series of events (instigated by the war between the Linians and Legion) that caused it to reset the Earth into the timeline that we have today.

The only people who have any recollection of Pangaea and Separtia  were the Linians and Legion that survived the “The Great Reboot”.

“Rumor has it that “The Great Reboot” came into effect through two distinct stages…”- The Boy

“But we aren’t telling…yet.”- The Lost Child

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