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A “linker” is a successful string of unblockable attacks. The linker is the cornerstone of the Linkatsu Art.

There is a culture surrounding “linkers” among Linians. Each time a new one is created, the Linian who discovered it gets to name the linker.

A linker is hard to master; most Linians can’t perform the more complicated combinations.

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Karen Weathers

Born: October 1st, 1977

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5’5

Weight: 115 pounds

Karen Angela Weathers was born and raised into the Linkatsa Religion, therefore making her a Linian.

As a member of  “Shield of Destiny”, it was her job since kindergarten to watch over and to eventualy become Terrell Dest’s personal bodyguard. She was handpicked by Mystic Calm to watch over him because she was the only being in history (besides Linkera) to master the “Art of Linkatsu”.

“The Panther”

Growing up in Piersdale, NJ with all of this responsibility did not stop her from getting outstanding grades in school and being the most popular kid in elementary, middle, and high school. She does not use her mission as an excuse to not achieve her potential…

Early sketch of Karen Weathers.

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Linkatsu Art

A martial art form that was created by Linkera. It is combination based in the sense that if a Linkatsu artist was to land a hit on an opponent then the following attacks would be be unblockable. This succession of attacks are called “linkers”.

The Linians are the only people who know of this martial art, which is one of the Linkatsa Religion’s important foundations.

Only two beings in history have mastered Linkatsu: Linkera himself and Karen Weathers

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