Lord Cat Tiamano

Supported by Chaos, Lord Cat Tiamano rules Fegra with confusion.

See also: Fegra, Fegarians

The Secondary Realm of Fegra lived in peace and prosperity until a Fegarian man named Cat Tiamano, backed by a group of people called Legion (followers of a man named Chaos), challenged the Lord and Lady of Fegra. After many battles, Tiamano brazenly reached Lane’s Fortress (the home of the Lord and Lady was named after the first king of Fegra) He challenged the Lord to a duel but the Lord sent his bodyguards, The Baron Four to defeat him. Cat Tiamano defeated the Four while murdering one of them in the process.The Lady sent her bodyguards, The Lioness’ Den after Tiamano as well and he murdered all of them save one of the six.

The Lord realizing he had no choice, challenged the rogue to a duel. The stakes were high that whoever won the duel would have the Lady’s hand and rule the realm of Fegra. The Lord had his scientists make him a state of the art armor with matching weapons to take on Tiamano (the Fegarians are second only to the realm of Negasis in technology).

But even with the tech, Cat made short work of the Lord and took his rule. Lord Cat Tiamano then wed the Lady of Fegra. And since the Fegarians loyalty to their rules were stronger than their ties to “God” or the Linians, they honored the outcome of the duel and began to loyally follow Tiamano.

The Lady died soon after, giving birth to Tiamano’s twins, Felina and Feign. Tiamano reformed The Baron Four adding the remaining Lioness to the clan and renamed her Baroness.

Today, under the leadership of Tiamano, the Fegarian Army are a force to be reckoned with.

Lord Cat Tiamano: Ruler of Fegra

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