Anthony Sims

Anthony Sims

Born: February 12th, 1976 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Born: February 12th, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Gula (Gluttony)

Son of Claire and Milo Sims, young Tony wants self indulgence above everything. Name the vice and he’ll consume it. And he doesn’t care about anybody else’s feelings and opinions on it.

He’s the quintessential hustler. He will game the system, not for power or money, but for anyway to consume, consume, consume.

Handpicked by The Lost Child(the representation of evil in the universe) to represent the vice of Gluttony in all the world as part of The 14, a group of 14 people who represent the seven deadly sins and seven virtues to fight each other to tip the scales of the universe in a positive or negative slant.

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