Domingo Tom

Domingo Tom

Born: December 31st, 1976 Hair: Black  Eyes: Black

Born: December 31st, 1976
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Tolerantia (Patience)

Santo Domingo, what his friends “cleverly” call him,

waited all through high school for April to leave Tim.

His arch nemesis in battle for her complete attention

For four years persevered in pain without nary a mention

towards April Mays of his love, his boys forced intervention

to lay his eyes on ladies of other that were not invention

of idealistic romance, of angelic anxiety, and infatted tension.

His peeps J-Kwan and Rich Christopher

realized weeping Tom’s focus was sinister

in the way that it would make him Lost

and ,in that way. the Dark One would cost

the Magnificent Seven to implode and accost

of mankind’s failure to rise above personal loss

So they schemed to make D. Tom love’s Boss.

That night at the meeting of the Dying Light,

The boys introduced Santo Mold to the might

of the Siren’s song, but that was not to defect

Domingo’s ability to turn away and reject

his love for the one Seven who could correct

his traject towards the world. But April did project

a sense of sitting on the proverbial fence…

…And that was all Domingo needed to get by.

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