Tonya Miller

Tonya Miller

Born: April 23rd, 1976 Hair: Blonde Eyes:Green

Born: April 23rd, 1976
Hair: Blonde

Temperantia (Temperance)

Daughter of Sarah and Jacob Miller, young Tonya prefers to see the world for exactly what it is. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, she refuses to rely on any distortion crutches to navigate life.

She wants to be a reporter to expose the truths of life to people, but refuses to play the journalism politics, so she is in search of outlets that will help her promote clarity.

Handpicked by The Boy(the representation of good in the universe) to represent the virtue of Temperance in all the world as part of The 14, a group of 14 people who represent the seven deadly sins and seven virtues to fight each other to tip the scales of the universe in a positive or negative slant.

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