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The Blazing Sun

The Blazing Sun is a world renowned newspaper that was founded by Jim Fairs who eventually handed his legacy off to his daughter, Rachel Fairs.

Located in Piersdale, NJ.

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Piersdale High School

The ONLY High School that exists in Piersdale, NJ.

Karen Weathers and Terrell Dest are/were students there.

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Piersdale, NJ

A town in New Jersey that has three distinct areas: a business district, an aged industrial district, and a suburban area.

Home to Terrell Dest, Karen Weathers, and Rachel Fairs.

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A “linker” is a successful string of unblockable attacks. The linker is the cornerstone of the Linkatsu Art.

There is a culture surrounding “linkers” among Linians. Each time a new one is created, the Linian who discovered it gets to name the linker.

A linker is hard to master; most Linians can’t perform the more complicated combinations.

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