Rachel Fairs

Born: April 2nd, 1970

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Light Brown

Height: 5’4

Weight: 110 pounds

Rachel Louise Fairs was adopted by Jim Fairs, a newspaper owner of a newspaper located in Piersdale, NJ called “The Blazing Sun”. With no clue of who her real parents were/are, Rachel considered Jim Fairs to be her true parent.

She has a recurring dream about being carried off  in a dark jungle by a man in a hooded cloak when she was a baby. The main thing about that dream that bothers her was the inhuman yell of a woman chasing after them. She never told anyone about that dream because she assumed it was just delusional.

Rachel Fairs: Dreaming Orphan

Jim Fairs died during Rachel’s early twenties and left his journalistic empire to her. She took on her father’s humanitarianism and became editor-in-chief and owner of The Blazing Sun.

She accepted the bright spotlight that came from such a position with ease because she always had this nagging feeling that she was being watched her whole life…

Reporter or just nosy?

Reporter or just nosy?

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