Primary Realm

Pell Town

Pell Town is a town that existed during the time Pangaea existed on Earth. This is where the early Mystics held their meetings.

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Primary Realm

The Solar System is considered the Primary Realm because humans were considered to be made in the image of “The Creator” (the angels call this being God).

There were nine realms at the beginning of The Destiny Saga, but the Primary Realm was the focus of many. It was believed by many inhabitants of the “lesser” realms (called Secondary Realms) that humans were the purest life forms in¬†existence because of this supposed likeness of “The Creator”.

The Primary Realm is also known as “The Holy Realm”.

“This idea of superiority is an ongoing theme in The Destiny Saga. What makes us perceive someone or something as superior?”- The Boy

“Don’t attempt to get deep, Aristotle.”- The Lost Child

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