Pell Town

Pell Town is a town that existed during the time Pangaea existed on Earth. This is where the early Mystics held their meetings.

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Resides in The Primary Realm.

This super-continent was the only land mass that existed in the beginning of Earth’s time. The humans who inhabited Pangaea lived in total peace and harmony. They were called Panayans and they had no concept of hatred.

At some point in time, some angels and demons came from “Heaven” to do battle in their hearts and minds, and through this spiritual war, caused confusion in Pangaea for the first time.

A being named Chaos became attracted to this conflict and started to sway Panayans over to the meaning of his namesake and through this, caused the super-continent to eventually splinter into the continents that we know today.

“Pangaea is very important to The Destiny Saga. This different way of looking at ‘The Fall of Man’ is explored in the ‘The Linkera-Chaos Era’ of the saga.”- The Boy

“I was so happy when that hippy dippy crap got shut down. Humans couldn’t build Utopia with a detailed instruction manual!”- The Lost Child

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