War in “Heaven”

War in “Heaven”, The

In the place that the angels called Heaven, there began a war that was instigated by a being called “The Destroyer” that challenged the structure designed by a being called “The Creator”. This battle raged on for many, many Earth years until a certain family of angels rose to prominence and brought the battle to the Primary Realm.

An angel named Harmene was considered to be the mightiest of all of those who sided with The Creator. Her daughter, Melede, was just as powerful and sided with The Destroyer. Melede proposed to The Destroyer that she could corrupt the people of Pangaea and she took 99 other demons with her to earth and attempted to destroy the Utopia there.

Harmene caught wind of this idea and took 99 angels with her down to Earth to counteract her daughter’s scheme.

The angels and demons who battled on Earth were soon to be known as the Terra Warriors.

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