King Umbrage

King Umbrage is a member of the Giradian Royal family alongside his wife, Queen Incense, his son, Prince Rampage, and his second son, Successor Contemn. He was/is also a member of “The Elite”, a super powered group of individuals founded by Linkera and the Mystics Calm and Carious.

King Umbrage: seen here with his trusty staff.

Mystic Calm and Mystic Carious found King Umbrage to be a man of great integrity so they created a golden plating  called “The Vintage Armor” and invited him to be a member of The Elite alongside Prince Shard Destine (wearer of “The Destiny Armor”) and Tigra Brosmate (wearer of “The Fate Armor”).

Their mission was to fight against a mad man named Chaos and his army of followers called Legion.

Years went by and The Elite disbanded( due to something called The Unforeseen Threat) and Umbrage went back to ruling Giradia with his family.

King Umbrage is a man of wisdom and inspired by technology and the promise of the future.

The Elite (Destiny, Fate, and Vintage): Warriors for Order. Also: very noble but lighthearted individuals.


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