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Terrell Dest

“I don’t know if I’m dreaming or awake half the damn time.”

Born: October 1st, 1977

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5’5

Weight: 145


Terrell Dest was born and raised in Piersdale, NJ. His father died the day he was born and his mother died when he was five years old.

His adopted parents were good to him and he wound up having a good friend throughout his school years, Karen Weathers.

The thing that affected him throughout his youth was the strange dreams that made it seem like he existed throughout the different eras of human history. He always felt like he didn’t belong in Piersdale.

It was like he was meant for bigger things…

Terrell Dest: The Eternal Dreamer

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The Netrel

“Plastics” is a racial slur for the species known as “The Netrel”.

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The Elite

The Elite are a group that was created by Linkera, Mystic Calm, and Mystic Carious

from the Primary Realm.

The Elite is a group of  people blessed with powerful armors that were designed to hold off Chaos and his Legion until those who could kill the madman arrived to fulfill their destiny.

PRINCE SHARD DESTINE  of Old France wore “The Destiny Armor” and was known as DESTINY.

LADY TIGRA BROSMATE of Fegra wore “The Fate Armor” and was known as FATE.

KING UMBRAGE of Giradia wore “The Vintage Armor” and was known as VINTAGE.

At some point the group broke up because of something that was to be known as “The Unforeseen Threat”




No need for oxygen for days at a time.

Super Strength.

Super Speed.

Light Blasts.

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Queen Serena Dismara-Destine

Queen Serena Dismara-Destine of Old France

Born and raised in Old France.

Wife to King Shard Destine. Mother to Prince Torell Destine.

Progressive thinker, humanitarian and the model of compassion.

And stuck with a sad secret…

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