Nikki Siletto

Born: July 4th, 1976 Hair: Brown Eyes: Light Brown

Born: July 4th, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Brown

Cupiditas (Greed)

Nikki Siletto considered herself from the ghetto.

Though from the suburbs of Piersdale, she never settled

for the taste of the financial eclipsed even the hunger

that drove that bastard Sims to be named The Consumer.

Joining in the blood pact with Sims and Wright

She gave up God and country for a piece of Dark Might

to climb above the delusions of the middle class

with their empty homes and lame stature of being asses

that were kicked around by those who lived the life

that mattered historically and she wanted to knife

the Moral devil, that Boy who kept her from victory

Only with the Shadow Beast, can she make history…

The Lurker expressed to Nikki, “Darling,

there’s this guy I need you stalking.

James Kwan’s the name and you must

first completely earn his trust

then take from him his special gift!

Only then can there be a complete rift

in the Dying Light and for your reward

you will acquire  all the wealth of a lord

and live on in history as a queen above dogs

who will lick your scraps through my fog”

Corrupted ecstasy spoke the allegiance

of Ms Silletto  to make acquaintance

with the tastemakers of the race of Man

and it fell in line with the Lost One’s plan

Spring dance at Piersdale, Friday night

Siletto the “Stiletto” dressed all tight

to draw J-Kwan into her lovely thrall

licking her lips in hopes of his fall

The human dart takes full on aim

and entices the Child of Light to stain

his inheritance and form rays of hope

to deformed shards of pain down into a slope

where J-Kwan could not feel the boy’s touch

His grandmother’s covering formed a Blot

of webbing that spread through the spot

that was once Piersdale and fixated focus

on the preachings of the Lost One’s locus.

That is a place that the nouveau rich Siletto

found her exodus from her ghetto.

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