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April Mays

Born: April 30th, 1976 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Born: April 30th, 1976
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Pietas (Kindness)

Den mother to the seven soldiers

barely eighteen, but more bolder

than a old aged, past prime boxer

April’s so fast, you can’t clock her

in the primal art of passion.

Her style of sympathy is fashioned

after the need for understanding

that her mother lacked, grandstanding

for career and not for April’s grounding.

So Mays grew to become superior to mother

and took the world in as sisters and brothers.

Last night, she saw Santo Domingo

and decided that’s where she was to go

for there was a flash of crashing realization

that in his soul there would be the concentration

she would need to push back to raw rage

that the Lost would use when he find the page

of maternal neglect that could cause her to binge

on the memoirs of a upstart pushed to the fringe,

all because life lied to her nurturing face

that love in this world will always have a place.

Tough Tim became tiny at the harsh fact

that Amazing April had to break their pact

of unconditional love, but in his dying dance

he always knew that he never had a chance

because for all of her loyal devotion

he sensed the overriding emotions

that twisted her inner self

and pushed him towards the shelf

when she would travel near Santo Domingo.

It wasn’t her fault but he had always known

that it was fated by love that she must go.

He had to accept that she had to grow…

But Tim would never never ever forget

that her love was true

even though she had to forfeit…

To accept that was something

he had to never ever regret…

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Domingo Tom

Born: December 31st, 1976 Hair: Black  Eyes: Black

Born: December 31st, 1976
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Tolerantia (Patience)

Santo Domingo, what his friends “cleverly” call him,

waited all through high school for April to leave Tim.

His arch nemesis in battle for her complete attention

For four years persevered in pain without nary a mention

towards April Mays of his love, his boys forced intervention

to lay his eyes on ladies of other that were not invention

of idealistic romance, of angelic anxiety, and infatted tension.

His peeps J-Kwan and Rich Christopher

realized weeping Tom’s focus was sinister

in the way that it would make him Lost

and ,in that way. the Dark One would cost

the Magnificent Seven to implode and accost

of mankind’s failure to rise above personal loss

So they schemed to make D. Tom love’s Boss.

That night at the meeting of the Dying Light,

The boys introduced Santo Mold to the might

of the Siren’s song, but that was not to defect

Domingo’s ability to turn away and reject

his love for the one Seven who could correct

his traject towards the world. But April did project

a sense of sitting on the proverbial fence…

…And that was all Domingo needed to get by.

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Patricia Walle

Born: August 2nd, 1976 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Born: August 2nd, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Navitas (Diligence)

Patty Walle had it all down to a science

way before the Boy met her………honest!

Before he could knock on her oak door,

she pulled it open and almost floored

the Anti-Wild that J-Kwan mentioned,

the one that wanted them to help in sending

the Lost Ones towards the blinding light.

She agreed by saying, “All right, all right!

But first I have to pick up my kid sister

then go see my Mom-mom, I miss her!

Then I have to meet the cheerleaders

and then meet my boyfriend Sleater

who the kids mock for being such an eater

that if one more girl says that, I’m a beat her!

Now the Boy loved her tenacity

and her “charming” elasticity

but the world can’t wait, least of all

for the always busy Patty Walle!

He said, “The world’s in terrible danger

and lady, you couldn’t be any less stranger!

So get your priorities straight

and let’s go, the war won’t wait!

And she said, “Mister The Boy,

I’m not your toy

and your wanting me is a joy

but if you don’t let me be

you won’t like me when I’m peeved.

So I’ll go, then I’ll see

that this world will stand and I’ll concede

that the minor is as important as the major

and society will be its own savior.

It’ll just be enforced by your seven flavors.

Now let me go before I’ll be crazier!!!!

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James Kwan

Art by Patricia L.C.

Born: May 3rd, 1976
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Caritas (Charity)

Son of Moon and Daeshim Kwan, young James learned from his parents to be in service of others if your life is better than most around the world.

He wants to continue to revolutionize homeless shelters around the world, something his parents already are doing all around Piersdale.

Handpicked by The Boy(the representation of good in the universe) to represent the virtue of Charity in all the world as part of The 14, a group of 14 people who represent the seven deadly sins and seven virtues to fight each other to tip the scales of the universe in a positive or negative slant.

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