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Cait, The


The working class race of Terra Casia.

The silver skinned race that resides in the Terra Casia realm. They are basically the middle class and poor to the rich race of the Terrans.

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The Piersdale 14

The Piersdale 14 are a group of Piersdale, NJ high school students chosen by The Creator and The Destroyer to battle for the morality of of all existence.

Seven were chosen by The Creator to represent positivity and seven were chosen by The Destroyer to represent negativity.

Every generation, The two “fates” choose the fourteen avatars to define what each era was all about when it came to moral and spiritual matters.

The Pierdale 14 are just the latest iteration of this trial of definition.


The Creator’s 7

Chris Thomas

Tonya Miller

James Kwan

Patricia Walle

Domingo Tom

April Mays

Rich Christopher

The Destroyer’s 7

Ellen Wright

Anthony Sims

Nikki Siletto

Brian Oliver

Stacy Childs

Robin Bills

Satara Nill

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