Rich Christopher

Born: August 9th, 1976 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Born: August 9th, 1976
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Modestia (Humility)

The last of the seven was one Rich Christopher.

Came into the world with a mother who missed of her

life a sense of who she was as a person so she became

whatever she had to be to achieve a level of fame

to allow Master Rich to transform into a child of Life

to dance with the chance of a path of small strife

and that was a sacrifice that Mr. Christopher would not

take in vain, her path of pain, he knew he could not

Quick Break

With the Boy in hand, he inhaled the total essence of

all his ancestors of the One Race, cause no divide of love

should ever be tolerated among the Tribe of Eternal Grey.

That is the only color the All have in its torrid symphony.

Mother’s tears came from the hate of her sordid family

who were blinded by a glorious sense of superiority

that caused the One Race to dwell in its inferiority

complex of infantilism and  reflections of self hate

trapped in a  deluded web of the Lost One’s state.

Chris Thomas heard these words of unity

and devoted his spirit to achieve this path.

Tonya Miller heard this song of unity

and gave her voice to reach this aftermath.

James Kwan donated to this belief of unity

his Late Lady’s blanket of terminal protection.

Patty Walle took these endorsements of Unity

forced them into the world to ensure affection.

Domingo Tom waited for the hand of Unity

to reach his soul in however long it took

April Mays embraced the declaration of Unity

and clutched on to it like a great book

And Rich Christopher read the history of Unity

and would fight for it despite the proven misery.

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