Lioness Den

Thess Manx

"Call me Manx Spanks one more time..."

“Call me Manx Spanks one more time…”

Thess Manx is a member of The Lioness Den, an elite group of women charged with protecting  the Lady of Fegra.  She goes by the moniker Lioness Thess.

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Vazi Chartreux

"Leading from the back is not so bad..."

“Leading from the back is not so bad…”


Vazi is also known as the “Lady Lioness” of  The Lioness Den, a group of bodyguards who are entrusted to protect the Lady of Fegra. Vazi is second in command to the Grand Lady Lioness, Tigra Harlequin.

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Baroness Tigra Harlequin

Tigra Harlequin was born Tigra Brosmate in the Secondary Realm of Fegra. Already a member of an all female group called The Lioness’ Den, she was hand picked by Linkera and Mystic Calm to be a member of “The Elite”, a group of people dedicated to fighting Chaos and his Legion.

After her tenure as an Elite member, she became apart of The Baron Four and married Panthra Harlequin. Now serving under Lord Cat Tiamano, she now serves the man she considered an enemy: Chaos.


From loving to twisted…


Tigra during her Lioness days.

Tigra during her Lioness days.

Tigra during her Elite days.

Tigra during her Elite days.

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