The Eternal Showdown of The Fates

The Eternal Showdown of “The Fates” Part Three

The Boy vs. The Lost Child


Part 1 & Part 2

And now, let’s carry on…

   “Who are you?”

   The Boy looked at his negative twin with reservation. How could life exist in this universe without his imagination fueling it?

   The malevolent twin grinned at his awakened enemy, “Did you see them? The ones that are always watching us. They’re watching us now even as we speak.”

   The Boy looked around and saw no one, but inside his mind’s eye, he knew that the dark man was right.

   This reality made him feel violated.

    The Lost Child continued, “I know that you sensed the madness inside them. The confusion and inconsistency that permeates every bit of their nature. I have to ask you my idealistic friend: Why would you want life to corrupt our universe. We have peace here.”

   The Boy pondered this question for ages as The Lost Child waited patiently for his answer. Every acre of his imagination was traversed for the answer to his twin’s inquiry.

   And, finally, one idea came to him. It was an idea so simple and rewarding, but was nearly impossible for any group of beings to achieve, let alone fictional ones:

   “Harmony,” he said as a light birthed itself between the two men.

   It took almost a century but that light took a spiritual shape and manifested itself into the image of a woman. But this woman was an angel in the eyes of The Boy and he named her Harmony.


   That one word echoed throughout The Boy’s universe from The Lost Child’s mouth as two sais fell from the sky and landed in front of the hate filled man.

   At the very same time, a sword fell from the sky and landed in front of The Boy. Both men looked at the weapons in front of them and they picked them up. Inside each of them was something (or someone) telling them that it was their destiny to own the weapons in front of them and face each other in battle.

   The Boy did not understand this need for battle as he picked up his sword, but The Lost Child picked up his sais with glee and dashed towards his enemy with murderous lust in his eyes.

To Be Continued…

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The Eternal Shwodown of “The Fates” Part Two

The Boy vs. The Lost Child

For you newbies, here’s Part One

and now…

   The Boy’s dreams thrust him into our world, our reality. He found himself without any of his creative powers. The universe as he created it did not exist. There was no Giradia; there was only reality.

In fact, he quickly realized that he was nothing more than a work of fiction. His consciousness was all over the place. A piece of him was captured in a little poetry here. Some of him was trapped in a novel or a song there.  Other times some of the people there even performed in character as him.

But everywhere his presence was felt, from the internet to the page and the stage, he saw the faces of those who watched his “fictional world”. He saw young children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. They were called humans and they all had one thing in common: internal struggle. They weren’t good or evil; they were complicated. They were capable of both at any given time and this was The Boy’s nightmare: conflict.

   He was trapped in reality and couldn’t escape until he finally saw his reflection in a story part of him was trapped in. The terrifying thing was that he looked just like one of them…

This realization woke him up to return to his fictional world. He was back on Giradia.

He was home.

But when his eyes opened back to complete consciousness, he saw a man standing before him and the thing that shocked him was the stranger looked just like him.

Except colder.

The Boy’s doppelganger smiled and said, “Welcome back, brother! We need to talk…”

To Be Continued…

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The Eternal Showdown of “The Fates” Part One

The Boy vs. The Lost Child

From the beginning of that other universe that is “slightly” different from ours, there existed “The Boy”. He had no idea where he came from or who created him. He didn’t have any surface reflections to see what he actually looked like.

He was just “there”.

It was just him in a dark space of nothingness. For centuries he formed thought upon thought and he had no clue where these ideas were coming from. At some point, the concept of imagination filled his mind with endless potential and, at that very moment, a sun appeared from a very far distance in that nothingness that The Boy lived in. He smiled at the thing that he knew in his mind to be “light”.

He felt a kinship with two concepts that were associated with the sun: warmth and vision. The idea of “love” came into his mind and he decided to focus his imagination to make this sensation a reality. The Boy started to design “space” and the stars and various phenomenon that made up “the universe” that was so similar to our own.

In all of his creative glory The Boy was unaware of was that the light gave birth to his shadow…and his shadow had something that lived inside of it. The Boy, in a creative fury, could feel that something else was there with him in the universe but he didn’t realize that he was giving birth to a being that would affect his future.

The Boy, after decades of giving birth to “his” universe, he decided to make something called “a planet” and create “life” there. He didn’t understand why he should do this, it just felt like the right thing to do.

After a century, he constructed his first planet and he called it “Giradia”. His shadow started to twitch with frustration but The Boy still continued to ignore the possibility that he wasn’t alone in the universe.

One night, while The Boy was sleeping, a man emerged from out of his shadow. If The Boy were to wake up and see the man (and if The Boy was to ever see his own image) he would have seen a man who looked just like him. But where The Boy had a positive disposition, this figure was the embodiment of negativity.

The hateful figure just stared at his sleeping host and anger seethed throughout his soul. He was furious at the idea that The Boy wanted to create life in this universe. This man had seen our world and hated humanity for all of its contradictions. He had no power in our universe, but his powers equally opposed The Boy’s ability to create in their universe. His abilities were in the art of destruction.

He wanted no life to ever exist in universe his twin created; the silence there gave his spirit peace. The man touched the sleeping Boy’s temple and connected his dreams to our world…

To Be Continued…

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