The Eternal Showdown of “The Fates” Part Three

The Boy vs. The Lost Child


Part 1 & Part 2

And now, let’s carry on…

   “Who are you?”

   The Boy looked at his negative twin with reservation. How could life exist in this universe without his imagination fueling it?

   The malevolent twin grinned at his awakened enemy, “Did you see them? The ones that are always watching us. They’re watching us now even as we speak.”

   The Boy looked around and saw no one, but inside his mind’s eye, he knew that the dark man was right.

   This reality made him feel violated.

    The Lost Child continued, “I know that you sensed the madness inside them. The confusion and inconsistency that permeates every bit of their nature. I have to ask you my idealistic friend: Why would you want life to corrupt our universe. We have peace here.”

   The Boy pondered this question for ages as The Lost Child waited patiently for his answer. Every acre of his imagination was traversed for the answer to his twin’s inquiry.

   And, finally, one idea came to him. It was an idea so simple and rewarding, but was nearly impossible for any group of beings to achieve, let alone fictional ones:

   “Harmony,” he said as a light birthed itself between the two men.

   It took almost a century but that light took a spiritual shape and manifested itself into the image of a woman. But this woman was an angel in the eyes of The Boy and he named her Harmony.


   That one word echoed throughout The Boy’s universe from The Lost Child’s mouth as two sais fell from the sky and landed in front of the hate filled man.

   At the very same time, a sword fell from the sky and landed in front of The Boy. Both men looked at the weapons in front of them and they picked them up. Inside each of them was something (or someone) telling them that it was their destiny to own the weapons in front of them and face each other in battle.

   The Boy did not understand this need for battle as he picked up his sword, but The Lost Child picked up his sais with glee and dashed towards his enemy with murderous lust in his eyes.

To Be Continued…

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