The Eternal Shwodown of “The Fates” Part Two

The Boy vs. The Lost Child

For you newbies, here’s Part One

and now…

   The Boy’s dreams thrust him into our world, our reality. He found himself without any of his creative powers. The universe as he created it did not exist. There was no Giradia; there was only reality.

In fact, he quickly realized that he was nothing more than a work of fiction. His consciousness was all over the place. A piece of him was captured in a little poetry here. Some of him was trapped in a novel or a song there.  Other times some of the people there even performed in character as him.

But everywhere his presence was felt, from the internet to the page and the stage, he saw the faces of those who watched his “fictional world”. He saw young children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. They were called humans and they all had one thing in common: internal struggle. They weren’t good or evil; they were complicated. They were capable of both at any given time and this was The Boy’s nightmare: conflict.

   He was trapped in reality and couldn’t escape until he finally saw his reflection in a story part of him was trapped in. The terrifying thing was that he looked just like one of them…

This realization woke him up to return to his fictional world. He was back on Giradia.

He was home.

But when his eyes opened back to complete consciousness, he saw a man standing before him and the thing that shocked him was the stranger looked just like him.

Except colder.

The Boy’s doppelganger smiled and said, “Welcome back, brother! We need to talk…”

To Be Continued…

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