Rachel Fairs

Born: April 2nd, 1970

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Light Brown

Height: 5’4

Weight: 110 pounds

Rachel Louise Fairs was adopted by Jim Fairs, a newspaper owner of a newspaper located in Piersdale, NJ called “The Blazing Sun”. With no clue of who her real parents were/are, Rachel considered Jim Fairs to be her true parent.

She has a recurring dream about being carried off  in a dark jungle by a man in a hooded cloak when she was a baby. The main thing about that dream that bothers her was the inhuman yell of a woman chasing after them. She never told anyone about that dream because she assumed it was just delusional.

Rachel Fairs: Dreaming Orphan

Jim Fairs died during Rachel’s early twenties and left his journalistic empire to her. She took on her father’s humanitarianism and became editor-in-chief and owner of The Blazing Sun.

She accepted the bright spotlight that came from such a position with ease because she always had this nagging feeling that she was being watched her whole life…

Reporter or just nosy?

Reporter or just nosy?

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Prince Torell Destine

Prince Torell Destine of Old France

Born and raised in Old France.

Son to Queen Serena and King Shard Destine.

A study in contradictions: bold and fearful; loving and empty; heroic and cowardly.

A man with a great destiny in front of him.

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Last Line

Last Line is a group of Linkatsa Religion followers that have inserted themselves into every military group (regardless of nation) in history since “The Great Reboot”.

They use military surveillance to watch for any Chaos or Legion sightings. They also use military tools to keep any rogue Secondary Beings from exposing themselves to the rest of humanity.

Created by Mystic Calm.

Carlos Morales, Melissa Davis, Dylan Kim and Deborah Faucett are members.

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Melissa Davis

Lt. Melissa Davis

Born: March 15, 1970

Birthplace: United States

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Race: Irish

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 145

Allegiances: Linian

Career: Member of Last Line (Lieutenant)

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