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Secondary Beings

The Secondary Realms are inhabited by beings that are called Secondary Beings. These non-humans are considered secondary because of the belief that human beings were made in the image of “God” (what the angels call The Creator).

There is this theory that if a Secondary does enough good works, they could become human in a second life. But no one knows if this is true.

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Secondary Realms

The Secondary Realms(created by, wait for it, The Creator) are systems that exist in spaces that are connected to the Primary Realm (the Solar System) through a complex network of portals collectively called “The Portanexus”.

It is mostly the Secondary Beings (non-humans) who can can open and use these portals to traverse throughout the different realms. Until the end of the Utopia Lost Battle, human beings were unaware of these different universes until the Terra Warriors, earth angels and demons, opened the sealed Portanexus pathway that The Creator  locked off from keeping the human race from interacting with these other realms and vice versa.

Later on, a group of people called Linians, followers of a man called Linkera, discovered the planets that served as pathways to the various realms and named them to keep an eye on the other realms.

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Destroyer, The

Just like its arch-enemy, The Creator, no one knows where The Destroyer came from. It resides in a place called “Heaven” by the angels who inhabit it. The Destroyer’s goal is as its name implies: the total destruction and corruption of everything in existence.

At some point during the existence of Pangaea, the first human civilization, The Destroyer had corrupted a great number of angels who called themselves demons afterwards. Their defection from The Creator began The War in Heaven.

At some point during this war, The Destroyer’s second in command, Melede, goes to earth with 99 other demons to corrupt Pangaea, but they only wind up bringing confusion to humanity rather than destruction.

At the end of the war, The Destroyer and its minions are sent to “Hell”, by The Creator.

But The Destroyer has other ways of causing trouble…

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Creator, The

This “being” created the universe that makes up The Destiny Saga. Whoever or what ever this being is designed the Primary Realm ( otherwise known as the Solar System) alongside the Secondary Realms (the systems not inhabited by humans).

This being lives in a place that the angels (who also live there) call “Heaven”. Interestingly, the angels serve this being, but they have never met or heard The Creator speak. They are just going by their intuition when they follow The Creator’s orders. They also refer to this being as God.

The Creator also has an arch nemesis called “The Destroyer”.

The Creator (and its goals and personality) will be exposed as the saga goes on.

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