The Story of Linkera and Chaos

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From a universe that may seem like ours, but not quite, there existed but one continent on the planet Earth at the beginning of its time: the land of Pangaea. In this land, man and woman lived without the hatred or jealousy that would cause society to be disrupted. God gave them Paradise.

The angels that served God were separated into two factions after the birth of Pangaea. One faction was loyal to God and loved man and woman as much as God did. But the other group of angels hated the fact that humans had paradise while the angels had to serve them. They were led by a being that would have been known to us in our universe as the Devil. He rallied these angels to join in his desire to overthrow God and conquer Heaven and Pangaea. This rebellion sparked the War of Heaven.

This war raged on for many Earth years and caused much sadness. Families of angels were torn apart by ideology and one family in particular would be significant to the separation of Pangaea. The tragedy of a rift between a mother, Harmene and her daughter, Melede, would be legend among the angels for all eternity. Harmene was one of God’s most trusted angels. Melede was influenced by the Devil’s propaganda and became one of his most powerful soldiers. The Devil’s soldiers were soon known as demons.

Thirteen Earth years into the war, Melede proposed a plan to the Devil to go to Pangaea and disrupt serenity there. The Devil approved and with ninety-nine other demons, Melede headed towards Earth. Unfortunately, neither angel nor demon would be able to interact with humans on a physical level. So the demons built a city in the center of the earth and created the Dark City of Yangde. They became known as “Terra Demons”. They would soon corrupt the minds of human beings and bring confusion to Pangaea.

Luckily, Harmene was able to discover this plot and, with God’s permission, she and ninety-nine other angels were sent to the Earth’s core. They built the Light City of Anyin right next to Yangde and built a wall separating the two cities. By becoming “Terra Angels”, the two factions were soon known as Terra Warriors. They battled in the minds of men and women and this was to be known as the Terra War.

This battle of the human mind started to tear away at the community of Pangaea. Counties and governments were beginning to emerge. Ideology was a new concept that humans were embracing. With every battle, Terra Warriors were dying off. And with each death, a warrior was replaced from Heaven. As long as there were one hundred warriors on each side there was a healthy balance in the minds of mankind.

During the thirteenth year of the Terra War, a being suddenly emerged on Earth that would change all of existence and no one knew where this being came from. It wandered Pangaea for a year as a spiritual ball of energy studying human life. As time went on, it became an existential thinker. Always dwelling on the nature of purpose, it could come to no conclusions until it became aware of the Terra Warriors fighting in the minds of humans. Its studies then turned to the Terra War. A full year after studying the warring factions, it discovered its purpose in life.

It felt the purpose of its existence was to bring proper order and, in its findings, proper order was chaos. It viewed the battle between good and evil irrelevant (It came to this conclusion by noticing growing the grey area blurring the ideas of the Terra Warriors). It felt sympathy for the humans, for there was a never-ending struggle to choose between good and evil. It felt that it was unfair for any being to live their existence in ethical, moral and spiritual struggle, for it was all against the sensibilities of chaos. It decided to either destroy “utopia” for all its flaws or, if it was not able to bring all of existence into chaos, it would wipe out life completely.

In the course of three days, “It” became “Him”, and he defined himself to be known as Chaos, for he was existence in its true form. He felt that everything in all planes, spiritual and physical, were his children and, like a loving parent, he would show them the error of their ways. He perfected his Aura of Wretchedness, which would help him bring the weak will of humans over to his chaotic forces and follow him as his Legion. He also perfected a technique called the Soul Smasher. This ability would destroy the soul of anyone he could not turn. He made the ultimate declaration of war to both God and the Devil.

The longevity of the Terra Wars had caused Harmene and Melede to become corrupted, and they separated from their respective leaders and became rulers themselves. Harmene became Queen of Anyin and Melede became Queen of Yangde. Neither was intent on giving up their rule to God, the Devil or Chaos. So they both made a pact to cease fighting with each other and joined forces to stop their most direct threat: Chaos.

The battle between Chaos and the Terrawarriors appeared to be one-sided with Chaos having the overwhelming advantage. Late in the battles, it was discovered that Chaos could be seriously injured by a human. The two queens (without permission from God or the Devil) created a being with the brute strength of a demon, the spiritual strength of an angel and the will and body of a human. This being was to be known as Linkera. The angel-demon alliance theorized that Linkera had to be fundamentally good in order not to fall for Chaos’ influence. In addition, his combined angel-demon constitution was impervious to Chaos’ Aura of Wretchedness.

Unfortunately for the Terra Warriors, Linkera seemed as existentially confused as Chaos and ran away from the Terra cities and escaped to Pangaea. He almost chose to follow Chaos’ dogma during one of his charismatic discussions until he fell in love with Seraph, the daughter of a Panayan minister called Calm. For a few months, Linkera forgot about his calling and became part of Calm’s family. He married Seraph and became a son-in-law to Calm and brother-in-law to Calm’s son, Carious.

During those months, Linkera refused the calling bestowed upon him defiantly while helping the local townspeople fend off Legion (Chaos’ converted human army) attacks. But destiny came when Chaos, failing to persuade Seraph to join his Legion, smashed her soul. Linkera, instead of going into rage, reacted to this by simply returning to his creators and underwent training to combat Chaos and defeat him.

It was then that Linkera created his personal combat art: Linkatsu. With this martial art, Linkera was able to string combinations of various attack forms together without the enemy being able to counter until the “Linker” (the name given to these combinations) was completed. In the meantime, Calm and his son Carious were granted access to the Terra cities, because of their family link and Linkera’s adamant proposal to the Terra Warriors that Calm and Carious be allowed in.

Calm sided with the angels due to his strong commitment to God, but he did not notice that the majority of the Terra Angels were serving Queen Harmene and were hiding behind a false commitment to God. Carious, pretended to follow in his father’s footsteps, but he was far more interested in Terra Demon philosophies. He loathed God for allowing his sister to die. There was a strong spiritual void of confusion inside of him that was unheard of within an unconverted Panayan. The angels and demons feared that Chaos would be attracted to the void and finally discover the Terra cities. But before they could get rid of Carious, Chaos arrived with his Legion and began what would be known as the Utopia Lost Battle.

Legion was used mainly as a diversion while Chaos searched for the void he felt. Linkera, Calm and a few angels who did not serve Queen Harmene formed a tight bond whose goal was to try to get through to Carious. While this group focused on Carious, the two queens tried to harness Chaos’ power in the hope to control Legion, rule over Pangaea and to become major players in the War in Heaven. Unfortunately for them, Chaos’ Aura had grown so strong that it could influence the Terra Warriors as well. With all this distortion, Chaos started his massacre. His killing spree was quick and brutal; the balance of angel and demon was completely thrown off. This lack of balance caused the Earth to violently shudder causing Pangaea to shatter into continents that were very similar to the ones in our very own Earth.

With their forces depleted, Harmene and Melede tried desperately to figure out a way to get rid of Chaos. Harmene remembered about the other failed Pangaeas called Secondary Realms (the Earth resided in the Holy Realm, otherwise known as the Primary Realm). Harmene uses the holy books God had given her to assist in stopping the Terra Demons. She found a scrit (a spiritual spell) to open a portal called the Portanexus to expel Chaos from the Holy Realm. Melede took this plan one step further by manipulating Linkera’s group to damage Chaos and use that momentum to push him through the Portanexus. Reluctantly, Linkera joins forces with the queens, without understanding the circumstances surrounding the Portanexus.

Everything goes as planned with Linkera and Chaos having their showdown. Linkera damages Chaos to the point of memory loss, but he was not able to destroy his physical form. Melede takes the initiative and pushes the amnesiac through the Portanexus. With Chaos out of the picture, the Terra queens almost started up their feud again when they discover that God brought an end to the War in Heaven, with the Devil and his fallen angels deformed and banished to hell. God, being enraged by the destruction of Pangaea, served up a punishment for the Terra Warriors. He decided that since the angels and demons wanted to worship queens and not him, he would take the essences of Harmene and Melede and transform them into the worlds of Seara Karr and Torimaru respectively. The Terra Angels were sent to live on Seara Karr, the Terra Demons on Torimaru. God then banished them to the Undiscovered Realms, locked by the keys of the Portanexus. They were never to be discovered, shunned by God. Unless the Portanexus was destroyed, they would never be seen again…

But whatever happened to Linkera and his family? That, ladies and gentlemen, is another story for another time…

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