Secret of Rage, The

Chaos: Architect of "The Secret of Rage"

Before taking on his nemesis Linkera in the Utopia Lost Battle, Chaos created an act called “The Secret of Rage” as a sort of insurance policy in case he was defeated by his enemy.

This “insurance policy” was made in order for Chaos to contain all of his powers in a being, that in his or her lifetime, felt so much anger and hatred that a person would become the embodiment of “Rage”.

The document , written personally by Chaos, was etched into marble using his fingernails. It proceeds as followed:

Confusion and distortion are the weapons of I, Chaos. Order, peace and clarity are mere barriers on my itinerary. No man, no angel, no demon knows my true intentions, for there may be no true intentions. Nevertheless, there may come a time when I will be defeated. Although there may be a resurrection for I, that alone may not bring back my powers and strength. Therefore, I will take the necessary precautions.

Superior I am, but I also know that no being can ever come close to being truly disarranged or disorganized as I am. I also know that the battle for spirits between “The Creator” and “The Destroyer” is one for the souls of humans. The fact that those who are “evil” have no true allegiances to The Destroyer also serves my purpose.

There will exist a Secondary Being, one with so much unnatural hate for another being that that particular being will want nothing more than to tear the object of his rage apart. I will meet this non-human and I will promise him or her the chance to rip the object of the nonhuman’s hatred over and over for eternity!

All the non human has to do for me in return is to become the host of my powers when I die. That person will contain my powers in his unholy body until the day I become resurrected and my powers will finally return. I, not being foolish, know only to grant this Secondary with limited power. No one can fully be trusted with my gifts.

Finally, I decree that this being will be known as “Rage”. And with this decree, I will bury this document in a petrified sanded casing to seal this “Secret” for all eternity.

May order fall…


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