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Stacy Childs

Born: March 19th, 1976 Hair: Brown  Eyes: Brown

Born: March 19th, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Iracundia (Wrath)

This raging raven, of a namesake coincidentally

similar to the Dark of a Beast, burned to break

the face of her eternal antagonist, Domingo.

Her twisted psyche, like that of the plastic flamingo

she snapped the neck of, on her way wicked

walk towards the Dominican’s Republic ticked

and shattered along the streets of Piersdale

broken by hopes and loves that were impaled

by a sense of suffering at the hands of a political

promise that betrayed Stacy’s desire for evolutional

human transcendence, but all she saw was Dark

and Ms Childs allegiance to the Boy was parked

in lot of delusions and decadent dances measured

in gutted angels burnt, charred and weathered.

Stacy dashed into Santo Domingo’s place

saw the little twit and expected to give chase

but in his eyes, all she saw was serenity and peace.

Her arrival stirred nothing in him and her anger increased!

“Get up and fear me, bitch!” she razed at Santo,

“Taste my retribution and violent dialogue, moral whore!”

 Dom looked at Dame Dervish with sympathy and declared,

“Well, Ms Overdramatic speaking person with a flare

for unneeded cursing  and lack of knocking skills,

I prefer not the taste of hate that takes away my will

to measure life with the right amount of perspective

and my patience will overtake your murderous directive

in time. But understand this: your weak ass victory this time

will in the future, wilt away like your anger and the crimes

you commit in the name of your hallucinogenic warlord

will tear into your spirit in regret and ask to fall upon the sword

you’ll forge in the melancholy mills of man’s transgression.”

Sadly, this speech did not stop Stacy’s rising aggression

as she proceeded to tear into Mr. Tom with her fists

and his deference of defense wore out her wrists

as she screamed in…

Dragging the beaten angel to her master’s lair,

the frustrated female’s focus on society’s despair

invoked a tinge of sympathy towards the Dominican.

How hard must it be to have that level of patience

in a world of inconsistency where justice is facile

and dispersed to a Race whose need for something tactile

is built upon faiths, values, and ideas drowning the humans

to sway along  to a choir of lies that the people demand

be upholded lest the stink of reality lingers in the open

destroying the faithful and achieving the goal of the Seven.

Second thoughts infiltrated her corrupted flesh tickling

her fancy thoughts of idealism for a second tricking

her into dropping her captive for a prolonged moment

but the residue of disappointment reinstated the component

that allowed her to carry on in…

…but the doubt WAS still there…

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Brian Oliver

Born: November 14th, 1976 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Born: November 14th, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Desidia (Sloth)

After scoring their first against the Dying Light

The Lost Child and his Seven Decadent Tykes

wanted to celebrate in their hard on for Chaos

but had to leave one behind to watch prisoner Kwan

and the crew voted on that  flacking slacker Brian Oliver

the type so mother sucking lazy to be considered follower

for that title took too much for even him to live up to.

Lady Lost grabbed the lobotomized lay about by the balls

and warned that lazy ass his failure would meet its claws

and rip the anti productive punk into human venison

 and devour him sending to the hell of eternal production.

The slouching slickster mustered enough energy to wake

and give what little attention he could muster to make

to ensure that James Kwan’s escape can’t be his mistake!

Dying Light Teammates extraordinaires

Patty Walle and Domingo Tom affaires

in the breakout of James Kwan at the lair

of The Dark began when they stared

at the sluggish slacker before the pair.

Patty, offended by Oliver’s waste of time

and lack of direction to her was a crime

against humanity and found it insanity

but Domingo warned against her vanity

and preached that deliberate pacing  wins races

but to her, against the Sloth, she had all the aces

and with trademarked assertion she dove

unaware she was walking into a subversive flow.

Brian with an economy of movement reached

for his cursed harmonica blew into it a speech

the was a composition of confusion that hypnotized

Ms Walle to stall and with her enthralled,

proceeded to give to the perpetual mover shaker

a lesson about the nature of humans and their maker.

Domingo realized that reinforcements were needed

and the Dark forces skills were to be defeated

only by power in number and community

and they could swallow division but not unity.

Domingo ran but he would be back…

Brian spoke to his nemesis in measured mockery

“Witch, let me tell me about what I think is crockery

about your misguided beliefs about the value of time.

My master showed me repeatedly the limits of your Boy

and his crusade for the destruction of the spiritual void

that my wild leader worked hard to maintain save us

from a life of meaningless actions that we fuss

will provide Earth fertility and a sense of accomplishment.

I look around and see morons trying to give their best

to prove in their minds this is all going somewhere

when all I see is them running from a sense of despair

that’s deep in mind, body and soul of the collective.

To keep the mind busy is to run from the glaring truth

that to not lift a finger is equal to fruitful works

they both mean nothing but without the berth,

to be lazy ensures less chance of pain and hurt

that comes with striving for something of worth

that isn’t promised and you bust your ass off

while getting by a dream, no, a lie tossed

to the masses of happiness in a constructed bubble

of two faced backstabbing legions of Man, troubled

by conscience and exploitation. I love you too much

to compete against you, so I decided to deride such

competition and join the true Master to release us all

of this incestuous conflict that will lead to our fall

and kill the Boy who lied to my blindsided race

that ignored unity to be trapped in perpetual disgrace…”

In the recesses of her mind, the unturned Patty Walle

hoped that her comrades came to save them soon.

Cause she could not believe this bum had the gall

to vomit this backwards logic as mankind’s boon…

“Oh. My. God. Shut. The. Hell…UP!”

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Nikki Siletto

Born: July 4th, 1976 Hair: Brown Eyes: Light Brown

Born: July 4th, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Brown

Cupiditas (Greed)

Nikki Siletto considered herself from the ghetto.

Though from the suburbs of Piersdale, she never settled

for the taste of the financial eclipsed even the hunger

that drove that bastard Sims to be named The Consumer.

Joining in the blood pact with Sims and Wright

She gave up God and country for a piece of Dark Might

to climb above the delusions of the middle class

with their empty homes and lame stature of being asses

that were kicked around by those who lived the life

that mattered historically and she wanted to knife

the Moral devil, that Boy who kept her from victory

Only with the Shadow Beast, can she make history…

The Lurker expressed to Nikki, “Darling,

there’s this guy I need you stalking.

James Kwan’s the name and you must

first completely earn his trust

then take from him his special gift!

Only then can there be a complete rift

in the Dying Light and for your reward

you will acquire  all the wealth of a lord

and live on in history as a queen above dogs

who will lick your scraps through my fog”

Corrupted ecstasy spoke the allegiance

of Ms Silletto  to make acquaintance

with the tastemakers of the race of Man

and it fell in line with the Lost One’s plan

Spring dance at Piersdale, Friday night

Siletto the “Stiletto” dressed all tight

to draw J-Kwan into her lovely thrall

licking her lips in hopes of his fall

The human dart takes full on aim

and entices the Child of Light to stain

his inheritance and form rays of hope

to deformed shards of pain down into a slope

where J-Kwan could not feel the boy’s touch

His grandmother’s covering formed a Blot

of webbing that spread through the spot

that was once Piersdale and fixated focus

on the preachings of the Lost One’s locus.

That is a place that the nouveau rich Siletto

found her exodus from her ghetto.

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Anthony Sims

Born: February 12th, 1976 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Born: February 12th, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Gula (Gluttony)

Son of Claire and Milo Sims, young Tony wants self indulgence above everything. Name the vice and he’ll consume it. And he doesn’t care about anybody else’s feelings and opinions on it.

He’s the quintessential hustler. He will game the system, not for power or money, but for anyway to consume, consume, consume.

Handpicked by The Lost Child(the representation of evil in the universe) to represent the vice of Gluttony in all the world as part of The 14, a group of 14 people who represent the seven deadly sins and seven virtues to fight each other to tip the scales of the universe in a positive or negative slant.

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