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Cait, The


The working class race of Terra Casia.

The silver skinned race that resides in the Terra Casia realm. They are basically the middle class and poor to the rich race of the Terrans.

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The Piersdale 14

The Piersdale 14 are a group of Piersdale, NJ high school students chosen by The Creator and The Destroyer to battle for the morality of of all existence.

Seven were chosen by The Creator to represent positivity and seven were chosen by The Destroyer to represent negativity.

Every generation, The two “fates” choose the fourteen avatars to define what each era was all about when it came to moral and spiritual matters.

The Pierdale 14 are just the latest iteration of this trial of definition.


The Creator’s 7

Chris Thomas

Tonya Miller

James Kwan

Patricia Walle

Domingo Tom

April Mays

Rich Christopher

The Destroyer’s 7

Ellen Wright

Anthony Sims

Nikki Siletto

Brian Oliver

Stacy Childs

Robin Bills

Satara Nill

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Satara Nill

Born: October 1st, 1976 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Born: October 1st, 1976
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Superbia (Pride)

Satara Nill just couldn’t sit still

as she saw Rich Christopher instill

loyalty among the remaining Boy’s toys.

To watch one of her kind destroy

the fragile balance that existed

between her people that resisted

selling out their souls to live among

the persecutors who had drug

their ancestors through living hell,

exploitation, and degradation of self.

That balance of us against them

the ones that split the One Race into realms

that marked her people with a branding

that disintegrated communities with abandon

and turned us against us, in the name of scraps

tossed to us by those who are never strapped.

How could that traitor Rich see the Good in that?

My Lady of Truth, the Lost Child supports me

in my desire to crush all traitors who refuse to see

that our people are on our own and no one will be

our savior, not even that Boy of the disease

of hope that stunts our descent into chaos

while snake charmers continue to play us

the tune of invisible riches and ill equipped tools

that continue to block our progress from being fools

like Rich that licks the master’s hand like domesticated

bitch that he is, loving  those tales of the fabricated.

Hope is a four letter word for taking it in the ass

and begging for seconds in the name of a class

act of a species that is a culture of self laceration

and the illusion of social touch that is really masturbation.

How can that jerk off Rich see the Good in that?

My fellow Seven, they aren’t my family

they serve a demon who lives for insanity.

But I’m the wolf among this wretched flock

who uses the Beast and its crew as pawns in my plot

To free us all from the separation anxiety

that encourages us to sodomize society

and ream the Great Family a deep hole

where love should’ve been but only the souls

of dysfunction who can’t maintain peace

because our breeds are too different to release

judgments and  hates and reinstate a place

where I can love me without awareness of my face…

Why can’t that bastard Rich be aware of his race?

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Robin Bills

Born: January 18th, 1976 Hair: Dirty Blonde Eyes: Blue

Born: January 18th, 1976
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Magnitas (Envy)

With three of the Boy’s Seven behind bars,

The Lost One was in euphoria and seeing stars.

His soldiers of fortune allowed him the advantage

to take the fight to Light even better than he planned

and proceeded to organize a blitz on the remains

of the Hopeful Children. He told Robin to stay

play jailer to the captured swans shacked in a cell

comprised of a dilapidated store on the corner of a hell

better known as the district that time forgot by the old

who lived their whole life in a town that’s now sold

out its community to the will of the Anti-Matter

and his Deadly Seven. Robin watched on at his prey

in frustration of a life born into addiction and rape.

Forcing tears away at the memory of a sister

who was raped and used drugs to cover blisters

of emotional abandon and stunted self-esteem,

Robin wondered what kind of force denies the dream

of a young woman by way of brutality and curse her

to walk among those who violation will never occur

and see their untainted smiles and relative bliss.

With this thought, he wanted nothing more to piss

in the faces of the children of the Dying Light

and release the disease of tragedy and blight

the world with his sister’s existence tenfold.

For him that is justice in its ultimate mold.

Domingo, Patricia and James could only guess

at what was in Robin’s eyes but knew the rest

of their comrades would come, but it would be nice,

if the rescue could come before they paid a price…

But as just as Robin was about to relive himself,

he heard his fellow demon Lawanda give out a yelp.

He rushed from his duty to see what’s the commotion,

unable to realize the Boy had just put his plan in motion…

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